A good chunk hopper plugin

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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a plugin that provides player-controlled chunk hoppers that can help mitigate server lag.
    Doesn't matter if it's premium or not, I just need something well built that will suit my server's needs. Any suggestions?
  2. HashOIRE

    HashOIRE Previously maxouland1

    Download LagAssist (premium). I used it and it's just magic to optimize performance
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  3. A good way is to turn off everything but personal anchors. They only work when the player is online, but some people don't like that they require ender pearls. I'd suggest a creative barrel of pearls, perhaps linked via Extra Utilities transfer node? So that when some one sets down an anchor they can plug in a node to keep it full? It's a bit of a cheat, but it should reduce the number of always loaded chunks.

    Alternately, turn off other chunk loaders, and adjust the recipe with mine tweaker to give a two or three spot loaders instead of the adjustable one.