A heartfelt fuck-you to the Bukkit Team

Discussion in 'Drama' started by JAachen, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Your "heroric" actions was but anything good. Beared by petty disagreements and selfish thoughts (And your disgruntled leaders). Your care for the actual community at hand is but anything real; and, only the dust of fairy shit. Your way of approaching this manner, by completely jepordizing the multiplayer community at whole, is the reason for why I write this letter on my own personal fury.

    I'm not going to articulate any poetic or cohesive thought into this post, as others have done for their departures and thank-you's, supporting of the Bukkit team. So, for the bukkit team and those who have and will follow; Fuck-you.

    I understand your work was voluntary and many hours have been put into this project. But, I just can't grasp understanding as to how you can just drop everything - risking the jepordization of the multiplayer platform and its communities. Other development communities haven't threatened to close all of their work because they cannot accept change, be it good or bad from Mojang and what ever else.
    People from Bukkit, and people around Bukkit, still want to continue with Bukkit - regardless of the Mojang and other situations. So why completely disregard all of what we want and decide for yourself to abandon everything? Of course we'll have eventually cleaned up your mess and hop back on the multiplayer platform train, but why does it have to be like this? I understand there's no obligation for you to do what you do, it's all voluntary. But again, I can't grasp why you actually would.

    I understand I'm the asshole in this thread, being one of very little to share the same thoughts - I cannot excuse it, but I hope for you to politely share your thoughts on the differences to mine. I'm all the more willing and wanting to understanding other peoples perspectives.
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  2. Fuck you, Bukkit poured tens of thousands of hours into the project. These are VOLUNTEERS who worked like madmen to produce an open-source and FREE server software for you and your faction server owner friends to make money off of. An ignorant leech like you is exactly why this community is so shitty.
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  3. 10/10 title
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  4. Wow. They dedicate a lot of their time to Bukkit and know when to leave? Looks they like should leave if this is how their followers are going to treat them.
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  5. What the did you contribute to Bukkit? These people spent hundreds if not thousands of hours working for free, what the fuck did you do?
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  6. Bukkit has no fault in this... Mojang is the one who's fucking ALL OF US over. Can you not see the picture? Shit man.. you're behind.
  7. Uh oh, a kid who doesn't care to explain why he's angry. Must mean he knows he has bad reason. Thread finished.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Hi, please read the edit to my thread. Thank-you.
  10. I'm not sure any of you understand, this isn't Bukkit; it's one disgruntled employee who decided to screw with everything.


    Wesley Wolfe is infact the one who submitted the DMCA takedown request, and he's Fu**ing Bukkit over too.
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  11. Is this the reason for why multiple members of staff at Bukkit have chosen to resign?
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  12. You can find out why they are resigning by reading their posts on Bukkit.
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  13. You've said it yourself, they're working for free. You can't blame anyone for quitting, I wouldn't put hard working hours and dedication into something that I receive nothing out of, would you?
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