A little help with timings

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  1. Hi... Can someone explain to me what "Pct Tick" and "Vio" is?

    And a second question..
    My TPS is 19.6 with an average of 1.02 players.... And... I just want it to stay at 20.... So If someone can help me read those timings.... That would be much appreciated. :)
  2. jeff142


    if its got black like
    FishChecker v0.7 Total: 11.495 s Pct: 0.12%
    try updateing it, or removeing it
  3. OKay. Ty.

    Still I don't know what "Pct Tick" and "Vio" is.... If someone knows.... Please explain it :)
  4. Pct Tick is how much of a tick is used to process that. (Knowing there are 20 ticks in a second, or 50 milliseconds). And I am pretty sure Vio is a violation that it has made.
  5. Thank you :)
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