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  1. Hello, I've made this website about one year ago and I've been developing it since. A few months ago I've released a new version of the website that in my opinion looks decent. If you have a server and would like to advertise it on yet another serverlist website:


    I'm currently running a google ad campain in order to get some more players to the website. So for the server owners: Yes it will gain you some legitimate trafic ;)
  2. Regardless of how good your website is, do we really need yet an other server list?
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  3. Nope, we don't. But it helps me learn more about web development. And besides that it's always nice to see some users on a website and being able to help those looking to advertise ;)
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  4. Posted :D thanks for the opportunity
  5. Thank you for using my website, hope it will grow your server!
  6. Added 1moreblock.com, let's give this a try.
  7. I'm wondering if you'd like to give me some feedback on the signup process?
  8. Yeah sure, it was ok. For some reason the password fields didn't auto suggest strong passwords, it seems to be different than other sites in Chrome. And I don't remember if there was ajax username validation. But I think it went through. The page reloaded into the same sign up page. I saw no validation that I actually signed up. I went to gmail and noticed a msg, so i could assume it went fine.

    I was surprised i saw no tag for [survival] as type of server.

    Everything else went fine.

    I liked how votifier wasn't pushed down my throat, but an optional step.
  9. The website currently does not send an email on signup, the password validation is indeed not shown as that has not been implemented. The 'survival' tag seems like a good tag to be added. So I'll add that in :)
  10. For the email, guess i got two sites confused.
  11. I'm wondering if there would be any intrest in the following 'feature':
    Once you sign up you can get one week of premium on the website if you add your votifier details?

    As of right now, premium is a hidden feature that just changes color of a server and will put them above the list. for as long as the website does not yet reach at least 1000 visits per day I wont enable payment for the feature.
  12. Small update:

    The website had about an hour of downtime yesterday due to a unexpected error. My apologies for the inconvenience it may have caused for some.
  13. Strahan


    No offense, but I seriously doubt anyone noticed an hour of downtime. This isn't Google we're talking about here ;)
  14. Good point, but who knows :p

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