A new iOS Military Shooter that I created! :D

Discussion in 'Technology' started by nxtboyIII, May 19, 2015.

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  1. thank you so much :D :D :D any suggestions?
  2. neat, but im here on android missing out :(
    Maybe a storyline of some sort. A campaign game on a phone with characters cutscenes etc like a console game would be sick! Toned down a a lot so it could handle it ofc
  3. Thank you! :D (also i remember u from a while ago :eek:)! :) :)
  4. This actually looks really sick. I will download it tonight. Great work man. I haven't seen a lot of IOS developers do something seen this massive and well done in such a short period of time. I mean that in a good way, like you did a TON of quality work in 6 months :) Keep it up.
  5. thank you!! :))
  6. When does it come on Android?
  7. probably never :/ sorry
  8. VERY nice! I will try this, but I normally prefer first person shooters if that gives you any ideas.
  9. thank you!! So I tried making this like a 2D FPS, any tips on how to make it more like that?

  10. This is random but do you happen to live in Utah ?
  11. I'm not an iOS developer, so I'm not really sure. You could try auto moving and handle only the aiming and firing.
  12. yea
    well i mean like from a gamer point of view :D
  13. Haha, I told him to post about the game different places since he is always wanting to help me, so he posted it here :p
  14. lol nice game btw
  15. thanks :)
  16. LOL It's like 2D Battlefield 4 xD (Look at the people)