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Which of these do you think is awesome?

  1. Walls/Bridges

  2. Some kind of building game eg) Speed builders

  3. Capture the flag

  4. A find and kill minigame

  5. Treasure hunt

  6. TNT Run

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  1. Hey! I'm planning on coding another minigame for my server, but I do not know what to base it on. It can be anything that doesn't deal with player packets e.g.) a guess the player plugin would not be possible. I just want to gather as much information as possible, so that I can make a decision. Bear in mind, in the future I do plan to release these comprehensive plugins as premium plugins/free plugins on spigot, so don't think you aren't getting anything back (even though it would be nice if you helped anyway).

    I have set up a poll with 6 choices, of course, you can suggest a different one, but I just added them to make things simpler.
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  2. TNT Run :D and BuildBattle is cool :D
  3. Why don't you try building something unique instead of basing it off of something?
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  4. Hmmmmm, thats a real good idea :) xD
  5. care to elaborate a bit more?
  6. I've never understood the build battle strategy. If you can explain this to me I might consider it.
  7. Like all the mini-games you listed above, the developer came up with a unique idea and built it.

    Take the concept of one of your favorite games, for this example lets just say Capture the Flag. Make a basic CTF plugin and then improve on it to make it more unique, like 16 players (4v4v4v4) and whichever team has the most flags at the end wins or add certain powerups.
  8. Hehe I already did that. So it's not really unique anymore :p

    Also capture the flag was already made way before spigot came along. So it is not really s copy
  9. But you see I want to make minigames that people will play, which is why I'm asking for suggestions. What would be helpful is if everyone puts down an idea, and I'll try to combine as many as I can in the best way possible.
  10. Well, you shouldn't be asking this, but try to come up with something unique yourself. Players that get a cool idea will probably realize it theirself xD
    Good luck! :)
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  11. I just came up with an amazing idea, and I'm almost done coding it. Of course I can't tell you what it is yet, but i can demonstrate it later.
  12. Good luck with your ideas, and I would recommend using more of your own, unique ideas in the future, that differs from other servers and it makes your server something unique and different to offer, that other servers won't have.
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  13. Here's something that might help you out with coming up with an idea:

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