A new server? Need Gamemode

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Escape, May 21, 2017.

  1. So, I am thinking about opening a new server, don't worry i have a budget. I would like to know, what gamemode i should start off with?
  2. Factions

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  3. A unique gamemode (you think of one :D)
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  4. Best joke, i have heard.
  5. Depends on what your plans are. No matter what game mode you choose, some more be will say it's overdone. Mainly because with millions of servers out there it has been overdone. Just make it as unique as possible.
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    This highly dependent on what you enjoy. Build a server that you would play on; regardless of the gamemode. Having a unique gamemode is just as beneficial as having a generic one. If you advertise it well, and you set it up well, players will come. As profitable as something like Factions is, I wouldn't advice starting with it as that needs a dedicated player base to be enjoyable.

    Instead of going fully unique, it's better to add some sort of "twist" on to popular gamemodes.
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  7. I am thinking about doing skyblock, gonna add some more stuff to it though. Like teams and custom mcmmo.