Solved A noob asking for help regarding permissions.

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  1. So I know there are alot of guides out there, but I just cant get my permissions on my server to work.

    What I want is to make it so that every player on my server can place unlimited homes with the following home plugin:

    What I have tried so far is to edit the permission.yml file in my PermissionsEX with the following:

    default: true
    - ultimatehomes.sethome
    - ultimatehome.home
    - ultimatehomes.delhome
    schema-version: 1

    As far as I have understood, this should make everyone able to use the Ultimatehome plugin normally. But not even this works. When my friend logged onto the server after I had edited the yml file, and restarted the server, he still couldn't even place a home.

    I have never used permissions before, so I'm kinda lost right know and dont know what to do.
  2. Why not use essentials homes? and do you have and errors in console. Havent used pex in about 3 years so not sure 100% good on it anymore. also for next time when pasting things like logs or .properties into spigot try use pastebin just helps everyone with keeping the forum clean and easy to read
  3. Are you sure your plex config is loaded? Restart the server and try again
  4. I use luckperms personally I believe its better for modern servers
  5. Essentials Homes? It works the same way.
    With that way of formatting config. None of us can see whether theres any spacing errors, yml is that sensitive to even a single spacing error.
    Put your entire config in a or here with the following tags before and after it.
    Like this

    # your config #

    Also, be sure to give us your server logs. Just start the server. And wait until it stops. Or if it successfully loads. Then stop the server. You can directly copy those logs from when the server successfully starts. Or you can take the log that is written into your logs folder. It will be named latest.log

    U can take that file and upload here, it works the same way. Please get these things done and remember these for the next time you choose to seek help here.
  6. was just suggesting it because its gives your more features in it
  7. Thank you so much for the reply. I have tried luckperm now and it works like a dream :D
  8. Alright good luck with your server now