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Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by EnumJava, May 1, 2015.

  1. Hey, I'm a Java Developer and System Admin.

    Unfortunately, I am temporarily closing down my Java Development services due to depression and suicidal thoughts.

    I've attempted several methods of suicide, all failing but resulted in my getting injured severely. I've continusely tried cutting myself, and attempted to shoot myself although I couldn't find any bullets.

    Due to this, My mom became aware of my thoughts and decided to schedule me for counseling, which I'm currently taking. I still continue trying to find methods of taking the easy way out today, and I'd like to make this thread incase anything happens to me during a attempt.

    I still will continue to post on this thread and aware you guys if anything happens.

    Thanks guys!

    ~ EnumJava
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  2. Good luck in life! Hope you can recover! Never give up on life bra ;) It's never easy.
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  3. Hey Dude. Don't do that kind of stuff to yourself. At times it may seem tough and I don't know what your situation is but I am sure it will get better eventually. Just be strong and push through this kind of stuff. I have thought the same thing sometimes.
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  4. Don't do it. If you do start thinking about it at any point, don't just think about what you are getting away from, but rather what you are losing -- your entire life. I don't think you are older than 16-18, so you have your entire life ahead of you -- don't lose that. Things always get better.
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  5. Don't do it.
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  6. Thanks guys for all your support, I've made a thread over at MCMarket about this and some of them weren't as kind as you guys.

    :) Thank you.
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  7. Hey there, Enumjava.

    Sounds like you're going through some seriously tough times there. I work the mental health field myself, so please hear me out.
    I don't question how you are feeling at the moment or saying that you're not allowed to feel like you do - but suicide is not a solution to your problems. It's running away from them. I would love to see you attempt treatment before you try anything drastic (I mean, what do you have to lose in trying treatment?), there is hope and life doesn't have to be shit, even if depression obscures that fact sometimes.

    I do not know what or why you're having these thoughts, specifically, but it's really wonderful that you had the courage to bring it up with us. I'm proud of you for that. I hope you will be able to bring this up with your counsellor / therapist, too.

    I want to see you get through this and I have every bit of confidence that you will. I can only do so much here on these forums, but please, check this place out.


    They have a hotline and a chat, if you feel more comfortable talking about your thoughts and feelings via text.

    Please don't kill yourself. You deserve better than that.
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  9. er, edited the link cause i got it wrong.
  10. Hey man!

    Don't do it, i'm sure the counseling your going through will help you get through this tough time, I hope you can get through this!