A panda in server

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  1. I from china My English is bad.
    I have seen a panda at lobby hypixel.
    Can you tell me what you plug?
    thank you very much!
  2. I need plugins name!
  3. ArmorStands, it's a custom thing

  4. Can you tell me the URL?
    thank you
  5. No it's custom, Hypixel make all their plugins in house.
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  6. It has been made by programmers they hired.

    Sorera wa koyo purogurama ni yotte okonawa rete imasu.

    If I got spelling / grammar mistakes, sorry, I'm not perfuct c:
  7. custom plugins?
  8. They're not plugins you can download
  9. Where can I go to download?
    thank you
    thank you
    thank you
  10. You can not download
    No download
  11. I understand!
    Who can be customized?
  12. ..i get broads in atlanta
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  14. $$$$$
  15. w0t?
  16. Unless you can do it yourself, you would probably need a developer to make a plugin like this for you, that costs money.
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  17. Or force a resourcepack and in the resource pack change the cow to a panda ;p
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  18. :eek: