A player is trying to terrorize me.

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  1. There is this player, who is 13 years old keeps causing arguments, with players and me myself. I've decided that it can't go on so I've banned him. After banning, he tried using VPNs, using multiple alts accounts (even tho its Online-mode), using hack clients, world downloader to download my spawn and threatening to upload it, he also used some form of hacked client, that I'm not so aware of to get my plugin list, leaking it to everyone.
    I'd be very grateful if someone could help me deal with this situation. It's been 3 constant days and he won't stop.
  2. Ignore and he might stop because there is no longer fun on that
  3. the problem is that I kept banning him and he keep getting alts from some sketchy sources. And he is spreading lies/leaks about the server. Ignoring might just ruin it...
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    What do you expect us to do, track him down and snuff him? There's not really anything you can do except weather it as mentioned unless you want to implement a whitelist which, IMO, would be more of a negative for server growth. Who cares if some little shit is crying about your server? Most people don't take that kind of drivel seriously anyway.
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  5. My favorite thing to do to annoying players is dropchat.
    when a player is dropchatted, they can still type and talk in chat just the server filters out their messages and does not send them to the other players.

    So they're on there complaining and yelling and being annoying but nobody hears it except the system log file. It's like mute except the player does not know they're muted.

    That being said they feed off your frustration and attention once they can no longer do that they get bored and move on.
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  6. Don't give public attention to this person, or explain to the other players anything. Just /mute him as you recognize him, review it to make sure you got the right person and then just ban the names, and IP addresses. He will run out of vpns and ip ranges, and usernames, long before you run out of steam to run the server - and he will run out of steam first.

    Deal with it behind closed doors, and don't reply to any private msg, forum posts, emails, discord chats, etc. Just ignore, ban and block, archive the screenshots etc of his abusive behavior.

    Don't let it get to you, he's just a little shit. And if he involves his friends to try and get on to request to unban him, just mute them and freeze them in place. they can't talk or do anything and will just leave - realising their beloved friend ruined their ability to play on your server.

    The less you say and publicly do, the less interesting it is for this person to make an effort.

    HAHA so funny you can bypass a ban .. haha, still get banned. - you will have the last laugh eventually.

    Don't run in offline mode, use the latest stable spigot builds, and he will run out of accounts eventually.
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  7. I’ve never experience anything to this extreme before, I’m only here for advice.
    Thank you! This is exactly what I need. Its putting me off with working on the server. Theres also this leak site that apparently has over 300+ accounts that he could use, I’ve alsotested them and they seems to be all working. I might just try to ignore him then.
  8. You can publicly ignore the guy, and in private you can keep an eye out, gather up what he's doing, take preventive steps, etc.
    It will be harder and harder for him to bypass it, and it's just one user. He will not be able to not give away it's him .. so you can keep catching him. And if he gets away with it: it means he behaves. Exactly what you want, players that behave.
  9. You could probably safely ban all those public accounts, or get an anti-vpn plugin,

    also, what's wrong with people finding your plugin list? it's fairly easy to figure out what plugins servers are using and if your configs aren't the default ones, people won't get anything out of knowing your plugins cause you have a different setup with them
    (I openly give people timings reports which contains our plugin list and don't care if people know what we use)

    we've dealt with a lot of trolls who keep persisting, just ignore them and keep banning them and they'll give up eventually
  10. Couldn't find any decent Anti-VPNs plugins. I tried NoProxy but for some reason it just unban people when they join. Also they can easily change with Dynamic IP. I don't like showing plugins, I usually use a combination of many plugins to create a certain feature that I want (since I can't code), showing that would be pretty much giving out ideas of my server. It's also just personal preference.
    I don't know but he seems really stubborn, the ban was 3 days ago. And he has been trying to create discord clones, contact my players through discord to slander, joining with multiple alts account to spam, and have that same attitude. Guess he will give up sometimes.
  11. When your players report them, say "Thank you for reporting, our apologies." Short & Simple. You're not engaging any discussion etc. And in the meantime you just keep muting & blocking. Maybe temporarily raise the moderation settings for @Everybody group on Discord so other groups can continue to talk as they do, but new people can't start swearing and ranting. Discord also has the ability to report someone. If they get various reports they will look into in and sanction accounts; https://support.discordapp.com/hc/e...How-to-Properly-Report-Issues-to-Trust-Safety

    Drop his traffic as soon as it hits the server, with a firewall. This way your hosted services are unreachable on the ips from his home, vpns, etc.

    Best of luck, there's always someone who just can't get over themselves and can't let go. They push and push. But the frustration is in their mind, not your life. They're just another player who needs to get banned. Shrug. Leave the emotions with that kid, they're not yours to have.
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  12. Aside from your current ordeal.
    The last time I had this problem, I gave the website address supplying the alts to Minecraft.net for them to take down the website, and save a lot of people future hassle.
    Just title the e-mail something like 'Potential loss of revenue'
  13. Antibot Deluxe
  14. IMO VPNGuard is the best anti-VPN plugin out there.

    It depends how many players you get per month. If it's less than 500 then VPNGuard is free, if it's more than 500 then you have to pay for an API key.

    A way around this is to give trusted players (or players with certain ranks) the permission to bypass VPNGuard so only new players use up the 500 player limit.
  15. AntibotDeluxeEx or BotSentry to avoid bot attacks
    Get Temporarily client side anticheat, set all players bypass permission to not use it, only don't set him, then he will be forced to use that app and as soon he used it only once you will have his Hardwer ID, you can ban him on HWID, then he can change nick and ip thousands of times but he will not be able to join, if he is 13 years old kid i'm sure that he doesn't know how to change HWID

    People can see your plugins even if you are protected with certain plugins for it
    Because you probably have in server.properties in & spigot.yml enabled options like snooping, plugins query and profiling, which gives ability to sites to tell which plugins you are using on your server, so that guy doesn't even have to be on your server to see what plugins you are using (90% of servers are not protected, turn of all those things to prevent players from seeing your plugins)

    If he is threating you on your own property (server) you can defend yourself by threating to him, its easy to scare kids, take his IP and use it in online IP Location Finder then tell him that you know his approx location,
    use his official (first nickname on) https://minecraft-statistic.net/en/search/
    to see what servers he visit tell him that you know all about him and that he is fucked
    and keep repeating to him "i warned you, now you will see.." thats means something uknown will happend, that makes him to think more about consequences

    There are certain sites that offers you getting skype name by entering IP but i won't suggest or tell you anything about them because we are probably not allowed to talk about it here, since everything here is forbidden

    in real life you can kill person in self defence and won't go to jail, here you can't even talk about protection your server or dealing against scamers/hackers/griefers that is attacking you and your server, there is so many things that you can do to resolve that issue, whatever informations you got of him just don't post it here because spigot staff takes it seriously and consider it as doxxing and probably end up by deleting comment or temp-ban

    Try some of methods and If he don't stop in next 24 hours, then feel free to contact me on skype: zekino_mudo or discord i will resolve him personally in less then half hour, i can garantuee you that he won't come on your server again with aggressive or rude behaviour.

    one more thing that you can do is check what password he used on first login (before he become douchebag, before you banned him) thats most likely the password he used for all servers, so you can easy access to all his accounts on other servers and make him to begg you to stop

    i'm not telling you to do it, its your life, you must decide on your own..i'm just pointing you options / abilites
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  16. Mods like world downloader generally have plugins available to restrict and/or prevent their use on your server. If you're concerned about people downloading your builds you should look into these.

    More then likely this person just tested a bunch of commonly used commands and based on whether they returned a no permission message or unknown command message was able to determine many of your plugins. You should make sure that doing / [TAB] in chat does not return a list of every command. Other then that there are ways to disguise no permissions messages as unknown command messages but there's not much point - It's typically not that difficult to figure out a general idea of what plugins a server is running, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    Honestly just don't react to the person. They'll get bored soon enough. You can get an anti-VPN type plugin as others have suggested and see if it helps, but really just keep on muting/jailing/banning and wait for the person to give up. For discord you can (temporarily at least) set the verification level to be higher.

    Hope this helps,
  17. Contact me on this discord. I'll help you out. https://discord.gg/VutNWrs Also check and see if LumenTech works with your version of spigot. It has some pretty fun trolling abilities you can use to fight back.
  18. IsamuSoftware

    IsamuSoftware Previously HDLPXGamer

    Things like this are essential to become a good server owner, you have to ignore him OR you have to go in ragemode and download, anti-vpn, anti-alt and anti-worlddownloader plugins to stop him lol but this would be the last way..

    BTW, I wouldn't care about him reading your plugins that is nothing you have to be scared about, what should he say online..
    (You can edit the "plugin.yml" of every plugin, so you can hide it practically..)

    Greets, K.
  19. That's just ridiculous.. grow up.

    Don't allow someone to connect to the network that bothers you this much. Don't waste your time on them. Block their ip in the firewall, block their names you know of, and move on. It's really not that hard.

    installing 500 plugins to disadvantage every player on the server to fight one idiot isn't worth your time.

    ignore, block, collect the info, and move on.
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  20. It's fun, is what it is. You're playing a game anyways. May as well turn a bad situation into a fun situation.

    I mean yeah, that's the easy way.

    There will always be griefers and hackers. The best defense is the automatic defense that doesn't hinder the good players.

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