A plugin that prevents ore generation.

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  1. As you may already know, Mojang doesn't let us prevent emerald from spawning via their generator settings (presets). I would like to somehow prevent all ores from generating (with all other generation behavior remaining purely vanilla). I don't want to generate a normal world and then have to pre-load chunks to the world border in order to replace ores (and then if I expand the border, I have to do this again). Additionally, I presume that if ore generation is ignored, the ores would become stone (not air).

    TerrainControl has an issue where water/lava do not flow when generated. OpenTerrainGenerator has an issue where lava pools fail to generate at bedrock (and also has the water/lava flowing issue). EpicWorldGenerator does not support vanilla world generation very well.
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  2. You don't need to pre-load all chunks within the border to replace blocks. It's a possibility to replace blocks when they load or just replace the ores in the chunks around a player.
  3. That is true, but I feel like it would be much cleaner to just not have the ores exist, no?
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    If you use 1.12 (or at least generate the world in that mode) you can go to single player, Change the advanced settings to disable all ore spawns then copy that would over, If you already have a world you want to use, oops this wont work,
  5. It won't work in either case... like I said, Mojang doesn't let you control emerald generation.
  6. A person smarter than me indicated that you can use OverworldGenerator and clear the populator list (ensuring that you're not clearing caves or trees--just ores). Does this make sense?