A plugin that saves a list of every single items a player has in their inventory and enderchest?

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  1. Well, the title says it all, but I'm more than happy to go into more (irrelevant) details :p

    The minecraft server I play (and moderate) on crashes every once in a while - like most servers.. but those crashes can sometimes delete every single item a player had in their inventory (and even clear their enderchest). Players who were online moments before the crash.

    As you can imagine, no one likes losing their stuff and they start spamming us (staff members) with private messages. Believe it or not, that's not the problem. Problem is.. there's no quick and easy way to tell if a person is telling the truth or straight up lying about missing items - to get (often expensive/rare) stuff for free. This further delays the 'refunding process' because we then have to question them (and wait for the person's reply) if their claims seem suspicious.

    So, coming back to my question, is there a way for us to retrieve some sort of a list of items a player has/had in their inventory and enderchest.. so that in the event of a crash that clears them, we can easily refund their lost items using that 'list' instead of relying on their "not-so-reliable" claims?

    I think it's in the realm of possibility and if such a plugin already exists, then I am probably not using the right keywords to find it! :p

    Thank you ^^
  2. I think you should focus on fixing the crashes.
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