A possible new way to somewhat combat leaking

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  1. This may be incredibly stupid, but maybe an option for plugin creators to only allow access to view like help on configurations/config setups and/or documentation of the plugin to individuals who have purchased the plugin (on the buyer list). Of course, yes this doesn't really "solve" leaking, since the plugin can be leaked. However, people who use leaks typically aren't the best when it comes to plugins and configs anyways (there is a small amount who do), and so they may be forced to buy the plugin they need in order to figure it out.

  2. The problem isn't the people who use leaked plugins; the problem is the people who leak plugins.

    If someone is able to leak a premium plugin, then they have bought it and would have access to the help that you're suggesting limiting access to. They'll just leak the config help along with the plugin.
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  3. Ah, you are correct.
    It is possible for Spigot to have a complex system to sort of limit that, basically in order to view the help, you must be logged into your spigot account and the help is a special css code that only works with spigot's XenForo. I don't think this would work though.
  4. Why not have a connection based to a MySQL server that verifies purchase ID codes or something?
  5. Out of 10+ plugins I bought, I looked into all(except McMMO) configs and into all of the documentations to see if the plugin is worth it. I don't know what you are selling to me if you won't show me something useful but a description.
  6. You can bypass it, and because it's java - you can easily decompile it.
  7. I do not think that it is good way but you can leak your own plugin after some purchases, but include some backdoors, make some errors and change code to really bad. So people understand, that its better to purchase than use crappy plugin.
  8. The only thing they will understand that the plugin is shit and never would buy it.
  9. Nah, if people are looking for leaked versions, they know they may not be like real one
  10. lol, sure bud.
  11. @md_5 disallows that for plugins :/
    I would have to say they don't have the funds to purchase the real one. Even if they really like it, on a low budget, they may use leaked versions. However, some people test out leaks before buying the plugin as well. I guess my idea isn't going to work :/ but we could still chat about other ways to combat leaks.
  12. I actually tested out some leaks before buying some plugins (pls don't sue me). I bought spartan like that, and also stayed away from AnimatedNames.
  13. I personally don't find anything wrong with that.
    If it is a plugin you are using on your server as an actual feature, I feel you should buy it.
    Anyways I would like to request a thread lock here since my ideas have too many flaws.
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