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  1. can anywone help me i have been messing with my custom plugin a bit and i wanted to use flight so i did some research and cam out with this:
    Can you tell me what i did wrong bcause evrything is fine just when i go into the game i type the command and nothing happens :) also is this good for ur first day developing?
  2. You didn't register your Command..
  3. Also ignore cases for commands
  4. What you mean
    How do ypu mean that?

    you can say those things but if u tell a person that has started coding for 3 hours and is 12 ur asking to much :p
  5. I'm 14 and coding since 1 1/2 years ^^
    For noobs (sry):
    You have to tell bukkit that you want get Information if this command is run ^^ (Better now?)

    Take a second look on your Tutorial please ;)
  6. How u do that gawd dammit can u maybe write the code for me in the way it needs to be so i can look at mine and urs and learn what i did wrong?
  7. This should work:
    Please add the commands to your plugin.yml to!
  8. Can you explain how this works and what it does:

    Thanks for helping me and commands are already added to yml :p
  9. (".setExecutor(this)" should be unnecessary here..)
    It sets the Executor of your command to this class ;)

    The code works, doesn't it? ^
  10. Im on my ipad :p ill check it out tomorrow
  11. ~ Java ~
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  12. Please, please, please learn Java before you do anything. It will save you so much time, rage and annoyance, and personally make a better coder all around.

    I recommend you watch TheNewBoston on YouTube to read tutorial on the oracle websites.
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  13. GG on learning at 12, good luck learning buddy <3
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  14. Well, age doesn't matter. I am 12(incoming replies about my age) and I consider myself a decent programmer for my age. I have my own SG plugin, and I've been working with Java for about a year now. My best suggestion is to learn Java first (https://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/) or if you like video tutorials (http://youtube.com/thenewboston), and then you can start learning the Bukkit/Spigot API.

    Everyone started out like you, so don't worry. Each person learns at their own pace :p
  15. thanks <3
    If i start minecraft plugins i will multi task it anyway ;p
    I will check him out ;p
    ~Mc plugin~
  16. We are here to help @JordieNiels and not to flame each other!
    Fight your wars in private conversation or i have to contact a mod!
  17. I started with learning bukkit & Java at the same time with some youtubers! You can trust me: It works 100%!
  18. Yeah, but it can lead to some misunderstanding with OOP and a couple of other things.

    I would still recommend Java before Bukkit, but if the OP feels confident enough he can try.
  19. It can! It doesn't have to do so ;)
  20. #VoteForClose
    As anything else discussed here is Offtopic

    If you need help @JordieNiels: Feel free to start a private conversation with me ;) I'm happy that people in "our age" start working with Java ;)