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  1. What does this do?
    Also, wrong section.
    Also, Spigot most likely (from my experience) won't add some random code into their system unless its an addon from the Xenforo site.
  2. it prevents databasing for like everything
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  3. electronicboy

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    exposing NBT in an API friendly manner is already a bit of a iffy subject as you'd need to create interfaces and a way to create instances of these classes.
    Also, NBT is a iffy subject, and considering the quality of developers around bukkit plugins, and the fact that as server operators have no way to control such data, it would lead to a lot of potential issues, potentially destroying users maps with very little way to handle it sanely or provide a way to allow owners to fix their maps manually.

    as such, any suggestions for such a system have been denied in the past for various reasons.