A ReMake of cauldron ;o?

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  1. I Think someone should recode cauldron, tweak it update it to 1.8 and 1.9 would be awsome PEACE
  2. You can have fun :D
  3. I don't get why people are using plugins still?? If you have some look around you will find modded equivalents for some major plugins functions. Yesterday I found a good 1.9 suite for common conveniences (such as the /home commands set) among other mods that replace other functions.

    Going completely Forge other than "protecting your butts" better also enable better stability by using exclusively a Forge server. Because what Cauldron does is make the server act like BOTH a Bukkit AND Forge server (Yay more errors to figure out for the admin!). Finally you will be respected with support from modders by using their intentions (no one wants to fix both problems' sets).
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    It's near impossible, as forge removed the bukkit code. Move to sponge. We did it aswell and it's working fine so far.
  5. Modded servers get far, far less players than unmodded ones, that is the entire reason right there.

    Oh, Mojang is working on this, it is called the modding API, and it will be a server-focused plugin system that allows the sort of mods we see on forge currently, without any client mods.