A simple /fly plugin with timing and cooldown

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  1. Hi all,

    i don't know if this is right place to post !

    What it is i am running a 1.9.2 survival server and was wondering if anyone out there has made or knows of a plugin that will enable me to give players the ability to do /fly and then this is limited to a set time in the config,
    This would also need to have a permission system so i can set groups longer times, also a cool down period to so that players can only do this once every 1 hour or 20 mins (configurable).
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  2. PermissionsEX and Essentials
  3. PEX has timed permissions
  4. yes i understand that pex has timed permissions but this does not help with the cooldown so player can use the permission after a set amount of time !

    and BrettplayMC ! i dont get what you mean by combining both of them how can this help me ?

    and if you have guessed already im abut useless
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  5. Give them access for an hour then it'll turn off... Do you mean to automate it?
  6. Some weeks ago i created a fly plugin, tomorrow I will add timers and I will post it.

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  7. If I read properly, he wants the fly to turn off by itself after x amount of time, then have a cooldown when to use /fly again
  8. Already been established.
  9. Didn't seem like it. Seemed to still have confusion
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  10. There definitely was confusion. I got that now thanks :p
  11. @LPGamerRob say me exactly what you want in the plugin.

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  12. "I will add timers"
    Read that^

  13. There are 2 ways:
    1) Scheduled task.
    2) Use Dates.

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  14. Use two array lists inFlyMode and inFlyCooldown use spigot scheduler to check if player is in the lists and do the necessary things you want to happen.
  15. Why do you complicate your life? It is even easier.

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  16. Not complicated at all, I could probably do this in 20 lines of code
  17. wow i was not expecting a reply like this. Thank you all though

    hi what it is exactly is i want a player to be able to join the server as a standard player and be able to do /fly but only have a short time of flying say 2 - 3 mins, then for people that have paid ranks to be able to give them longer times making this a configurable time for multiple groups.

    also i think it would be best that i could give all groups a permission like "Fly.time.5" and that gives them 5 mins and after the 5 mins it stops and if at a height there is no fall damage, this would also be good for players to be able to upgrade there fly times without having to buy ranks and good for people that would like to use a crate plugin and give it as a extra to win.

    i would also like to be able to set a cool down for each time that is set in the config so that players can only do this when the cool down has expired and this giving me the availability to set it so that every group could have a cool down of 1 hour or make groups that have longer cool downs for players that get bans / warnings.

    all times would have to be in seconds so that it is configurable to the second so i could do standard players 5 mins of an hour so that would work out at;

    - Fly.time.player
    Fly time: 300
    Cooldown: 3300

    and a paid member gets 8 mins;
    - Fly.time.Warrior
    Fly time: 480
    Cooldown: 3120

    and members with warnings get 5 mins but longer cooldown
    - Fly.Time.Warned
    Fly time: 300
    Cooldown: 5100
    (1 and hour hours total)
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  18. Add me on skype: SeverePvP1

    I'll just create one for you.
  19. I am already doing it for free D:
  20. I'll create it for free, I didn't ask for money haha