A Slow Problem

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Help' started by lzzs, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. When player mounts more than 120,server will suddenly become slow from time to time.
    If mounts less than 120,everything is ok.(The total number of players)
  2. check your timing data.
  3. It is ok.Just all servers will slow suddenly from time to time
  4. What kind of server is your BungeeCord running on ? How much RAM, how much vCores (processor) ?
  5. RPG 15g(bc) 4(every server 8g+) total memory 128G(memory is no problem)

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  7. You are running BungeeCord on your PC ? 120 players connected on your PC which has 4gb of RAM ?

    What is this ? (I don't understand)
  8. bungeecord
    total memory 128gb
  9. Can you answer my question ? Does 120 players really connected to your PC using your IP ? With 4gb of RAM ?
    The total memory isn't important for Minecraft servers
  10. Why not use a real host ?

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