A Small Bug with the Xenforo Update.

Discussion in 'Pending' started by The_Doctor_123, Sep 8, 2015.

  1. This isn't really that big of a deal, but an issue I'm having is when I touch on my name on the action bar on my Surface Pro, it acts as if I clicked and immediately takes me to my personal details rather than showing all the things I can go to. I'm using Firefox.
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    I think mobile versions don't have the profile card? I'm not sure about this one personally.
  3. Pops up fine on my iPhone at least when I click a users name on a post. Not quite sure what you mean @The_Doctor_123 by "action bar" (is that a surface thing, or are you referring to something on spigot/xenforo)?
  4. I believe he means the very top bar.
    Your name in the action bar needs to be hovered over to reveal the information, clicking it on any device takes you to the your personal details.
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  5. I'm not using mobile. I'm using the desktop version of Firefox using a touchscreen.
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