A SpigotAPI to see if a user has purchased a resource

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Peaches_MLG, Mar 9, 2020.

  1. Most Discord servers have some sort of verification process to see if the person requesting support has actually purchased the plugin. However with cloud flare this broke most bots. Would be cool if you had an api which would say if a user bought a plugin
  2. That's not what he meant
  3. No. See @MrIvanPlays's post.
    Premium placeholders the only anti-leak measure that Spigot (themselves) has to offer for premium plugins. It'll have to do or nothing will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. For some reason md_5 doesn't want any bots to access the website, you can bypass cloudflare with a headless browser, however it's not ideal. After some time it shuts down or something, and so it doesn't work correctly. But if you know python, there's a working cloudflare scraper library for it, and it is working pretty well, so you can make a simple http server if you know how to do such things, and scrape the data for your use.
  5. ? I already said that's not what I meant? did you even read my post?
  6. ye, i know. But it would be a lot more efficient + easier to code to just have an api for this. Dont really see the harm in adding that?
  7. Yes I know. As I said md_5 doesn't currently want to make spigotmc.org accessable by bots. There were some suggestions in the past to add an official spigot api not just for version checks, but api which can give you a whole bunch of information (also direct download) and there's a current solution for that which is spiget, but I don't think you can access buyers from there.
  8. Did you read what I said? Spigot does not have a method for you to check if someone's a buyer or not, at least not an official one. The SpigotBuyercheck is the only thing I've heard of like itself.
  9. Such a beautiful idea. It would really be great and makes the authors' job quite easier than before.