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    As some of you would be aware, an email / blog post titled 'The Death Of SpigotMC' was posted overnight. We respectfully disagree. The reports of our death are greatly exaggerated and we continue to work as hard as ever — investing our time and effort into making this community as good as it can be for everyone involved. It is not our usual practice to comment on off-site drama or the reason for users' bans (rule 11.5), however in these circumstances, we have felt it appropriate to do so. This is because we cannot stand idly by when omissions, half-truths, lies, and outright fabrications are sent directly to our members with a view to harming SpigotMC and exploiting the resulting reaction.

    The header image of the blog post was the following screenshot:

    This screenshot was and is a complete fabrication. It was subsequently claimed that this screenshot was a 'joke', however this is not the case. This fabricated screenshot was posted as the header image of the blog post in an attempt to discredit SpigotMC and lend support to the premise of the post. This fabricated screenshot was a calculated use of disinformation and the subsequent characterisation as a 'joke' does not change that.

    Perhaps tellingly, nowhere in the blog post was the actual ban reason mentioned. The actual ban reason provided was 'Continued inappropriate advertising'. This ban reason is perhaps overly generous to the user in question. It should have read something to the effect of: 'Repeated, intentional, and brazen violations of the advertising rules despite continued warnings'.

    The final straw that resulted in this user being banned was them using the Resource Update functionality of their existing Resource to post an update that consisted only of a 645-word advertisement for their plugin, available for purchase on another website. This was a clear and willful infringement of the SpigotMC rules (rule 7.5.2: 'You may not use resource updates ... for any advertisement whatsoever'), and the user knew that.

    You see this is not the first time the user violated the rules against advertising. Over the last several years they have been the repeated subject of complaints and warnings by both staff and users of SpigotMC. The significant clarifications and relaxations to the advertising rules, which occurred in December of 2019, were partially spurred by these complaints and warnings. They were a carefully crafted compromise between providing the strict and clear cut rules that many staff and users desired to enforce, and the relaxation demanded by others (including this user). Yet it is these same rules that were brazenly infringed by the 645-word advertisement within a Resource Update.

    It is perhaps a cruel twist of fate for us then that this user calls us out for giving others 'Special Treatment', when less than six months ago we were singled out and (baselessly yet severely) attacked for (apparently) giving this user 'Special Treatment'. While of course, we have to face the reality that there are more than a dozen of us and we are not clones of each other, it goes without saying that no individual on this site is subject to special treatment either for or against them. The fact that we are constantly attacked for simultaneously being both too favourable and not favourable enough to both individuals and groups should be as clear an indication as any.

    For these reasons, we stand by the decision to ban the user and condemn their characterisation and handling of events. They were banned for repeated, intentional, and brazen violations of the rules. If there was any doubt otherwise, we present the entirety of the unban appeal received from this user. It is clear from the reference to 'inexorable fate' that they understood (and perhaps even intended) their actions would lead to this outcome.


    It is deeply saddening for us — as staff members that invest large amounts of time in this community and work tirelessly to improve it — to have to sit down and write responses to defend our actions. It is doubly so when we have to write those responses to address omissions, half-truths, lies, and outright fabrications that have been calculated to harm us; and triply so when there are repeated, intentional, and brazen violations of the rules. Nonetheless, we have dedicated yet even more time to do so for the benefit of the remainder of the community. Further still we have opted to sign this statement individually to demonstrate that we stand by our decision and condemn this response not just as a staff team, but also as individuals.


    @Benz56; @Choco; @drives_a_ford; @foncused; @FrostedSnowman; @md_5; @Noble Pro; @Phoenix616; @Puremin0rez; @ssamjh; @SteelPhoenix; @Weaves

    (More signatures may be added later due to timezones)

    PS: Since writing the initial draft of this post, we have made the decision to censor references to the user’s website on these forums. This is not a decision we have made lightly, however in view of the fact that 1) the predominant purpose of their website is to advertise/sell goods and services in violation of the SpigotMC rules; and 2) the user has already utilised alternate accounts to advertise this website; we find ourselves with little choice. Please do not attempt to bypass the censor as this is a violation of rule 4.3: 'Do not attempt to bypass restrictions'.
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