A title radius plugin

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  1. Very simple, i need a plugin that does this

    /titlebroadcast 25 Titleherethatsupports&4Colorcodes&bEtc.

    I realized mythic mobs has it very hard to do vanilla /title commands, and it can only do comamnds user specific to the highest threat on its threat table. I need a quick plugin like this so I can execute it in its command skill function. Anyone willing to help me? You'll get a $5 Donor rank on all of my servers if you do. I'm planning to integrate RPG Boss mobs into Factions server =) hence why i need this.

    25 being the radius of blocks that shows a title to any players in that radius.
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  2. This is not where you ask for people to make you plugins.
  3. Ive realized XD. But the last time i tried making a services thread for bugneecord setup it somehow got deleted. So quick attention is needed sorry XD. .... and by deleted i mean it never got into the queue of getting approved by the services staff
  4. Posting it in the forum its not meant to be in will get you no where, this forum is for plugin help not requests and people browsing dont want requests, hence the reason this forum exists
  5. There is a "Hiring Developers" area for this. Delete this post, and post here instead please.: