A true story about my server host

Discussion in 'Spigot Discussion' started by Fonzee9, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. I have my server and i have 20 players a day and my host opped random people without asking me and they griefed spawn and peoples builds right now i am currently sad and don't know what to do about it.

    Im thinking of switching hosts because i can't believe he would just op random people what do you think?
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  2. I worked so hard on spawn and my player base and now its basically gone those random opped people destoryed everything spawn peoples stuff & builds
  3. People on skype are like whats going on and one of those people he opped were on and they said Thank your server host for this he earned you a map restart.
  4. What I can see, they are just cheap OVH resellers.
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  5. How do you know your host did it? Did they tell you?
  6. Yes the people that were opped msged me on skype and said thank your server host for this now you will need a map reset
  7. Is mcprohosting a good Host?
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  8. Im thinking of switching to them
  9. Reasons you should backup your server. Use block loggers to rollback changes, and make sure it logs ops too.

    I would look at the logs for that time and see if there is any evidence in there of what might of happened.
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  10. Just no no no no no no no no no no no no no

    Here we go: https://nitrous-networks.com/gameservers (I Suggest UK Location, They own there own data cetner there :p)
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  11. I didn't backup because normally this doesn't happen.
  12. Tux


    The host can't be trusted. They can trash the logs too.
  13. I mean it's good, but if I was you, I would use a cheap VPS from ovh, that costs around 3.5 a month for 1GB of ram.
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  14. mcprohosting good? O Dear... I Must be going blind
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  15. There's your problem, because it doesn't normally happen doesn't mean you should forget good habits. Just because my server has been fine for 3 years doesn't stop me from backing it up on a schedule. Losing a day is better than losing everything you have done.

    They could have but if they didn't or it was something else commands they ran plugin that has problems it might be in there.
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  16. EliteDuck


    OVH VPS hosting machines have horrible CPUs. Get a cheap dedicated box from Kimsufi or SYS.
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  17. I Had a server with them for around a week and my uptime was about 5% due to a ddos attacks, The lag as well on my server was insane.. If you get 5-10 players then.. sure go with mcprohosting..
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