A way to automove the player

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  1. Hmm, i search a lot, but i don t find.
    THE problem is how can i Automove a player, i have a example from a youtube Who playing a map with this.

    This is a example, not a promotion.

    Ex, what is make the author. At start of video the player is în gm3 and slowy to go in the hole at the nether portal, thanks

    Sorry for bad english :)
  2. His fake voice is so cringe, I couldn't get through the video to see what you meant. Sorry.
  3. Try mute the sound :)
  4. Optic_Fusion1

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    All it does is move the player to a hole, which i assume is possibly just a shit ton of teleportation or something assuming it's command blocks only
  5. And how can i do it?
  6. You can change the player to gamemode 3 and teleport the player at a fixed rate
  7. A example? In commands blocks pls?