Solved A way to modify a zombie's size

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by DytroPlays, Jan 11, 2020.

  1. Hello, I recently saw a video that a plugin developer making a zombie changing its size depending on the zombie's health. I want to recreate that in a spigot plugin, so I was looking in the so I can use reflection to change the value, but didn't get anything. Can somebody help?

    (I am also not sure if it is a spigot plugin)
  2. Choco


    This sounds like the doing of a client/server mod, not a plugin. As far as I'm aware, zombies are not scaleable entities. In fact, the only scaleable entities are phantoms (and slimes, I suppose - though not really in the same sense). The only size difference you'll get are babies, regular sized zombies and giants which is a whole separate entity.
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  3. pretty sure zombies are either babies or adults.
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  4. I mean, Choco literally just said that:
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  5. yes so did i :D
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  6. The only version of Minecraft I know where entities are linear scalable is Bedrock.
  7. You can have it start as a giant then as its health decreases change it to an adult zombie and as it continues to decrease in health turn it into a baby zombie