AAC vs AntiAura test server - who's interested?

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  1. Since I own both of the plugins and I'm a bit bored, who's interested in a Bungee test server where one server runs AntiAura and the other runs AAC?

    EDIT: Now live on node1.speedify.io, join with a 1.8.8 client!
    You can use /server to navigate between the AAC and AntiAura equivalent.
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  2. I really want to test AntiAura,i didnt see other servers! :)
  3. The server is now live! Just join node1.speedify.io with a 1.8.8 client and you'll be able to switch between the two servers using /server.
  4. Nice! But i think you are offline now, which time server will runned?
  5. Sorry for the downtime. I was trying some GRE tunnel stuff with the node the servers are hosted on. It should be up now and it should stay up.
  6. I'm interested.
    When do you think you'll find out which one's better?
  7. The servers should be online, you'll have to log in with a 1.8.8 hacked client and judge for yourself.
  8. What's the server IP?
  10. Celebrimbor


    My only interest would be to test while spoofing ping to 1000+ and see how Anti-Aura reacts. I know AAC has a built-in tolerance for bad ping in the default kick, but I know Anti-Aura compensates and possibly allows hacking if you exceed 600ms ping.
  11. How would one go about spoofing ping apart from hosting far away like in Australia?
  12. Celebrimbor


    This one can spoof 0ms ping, which doesn't do much for anti-cheat detection regarding catching hackers (unless you use my configs for AAC):

    I've seen others in the past that send 25000ms+ ping and have seen consistent pings above 25k playing for significant periods. If one could send a fake ping, you can bypass any anti-cheat that bypasses punishment for said ping levels.

    I recall that new Reflex client (by default) will 100% ignore a "hacker" if their ping is high enough and I recall Anti-Aura having something similar.
  13. @joehot200 any clarification on how your plugin works if a player has 0ms ping?
  14. Celebrimbor


    I don't want to give away too many secrets, but just have studied the relation of ping behaviour to hack detection(for AAC) for a long time and realised that legitimate 0ms ping is only seen right a login and is still super uncommon.

    My configs don't kick you for having 0ms ping, but if someone has 0ms ping and get detected for hacks, they get kicked much quicker than someone with 300ms ping. Then of course people with 25k ping that are also conveniently being detected for hacks will get the boot. If they legitimated had that high of a ping for more than a few seconds, they would time out anyway...
  15. joehot200


    Let's say that you have 250ms ping.
    You can travel (for example) 2 blocks in 3 seconds before you are detected.
    If you have 500ms, you can travel 4 blocks in 6 seconds before you are detected.

    Also, I calculate the ping in a way that is almost impossible to fake without specific hardware (and probably an isp) changes. Even then, the maximum allowed ping is configureable.
    Oh also, I have a minimum ping value of 50.
    Also, ping is taken when logging in and at no other time. Lag from internet activities (e.g. if they were downloading something) is ignored.
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  16. joehot200


    Yes, that is why AAC is £20 and AntiAura is £5.

    On the other hand, AntiAura still blocks the majority of hacks as successfully as AAC does. Naturally, some checks are better, and naturally, some are worse.
  17. Celebrimbor


    I don't get why you would do this o_O

    Real-time latency is what causes the detection so taking a sample at login(which is volatile at best), is not representative of the player 30 minutes later when their little brother turns on Netflix and sister starts watching CaptainSparkles while playing Minecraft on the PC next to you. Their given ping value may be 80 at login and 400 later on, but Anti-Aura would assume they always have 80 and punish accordingly? If not, elaborate.

    AAC does not account for ping at all, but it gives real-time ping data at any moment a player trips expected tolerance thresholds.
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  18. joehot200


    Yes, AntiAura would assume a ping of 80. The idea is to protect people from far away countries from drag-backs while still catching hackers.
    Every single popular online game treats lag the same way: by dragging the player back. Why should Minecraft be any different?