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  1. Hi. i installed bungeecord yesterday to my server and it's working fine.
    Only problem is that at the moment my main server is kinda in trouble cause of the bungeecord setup. I cant block outside connections with IP tables cause bungeecord does not use the proxy to connect to it? So if i block outside logins it blocks everyone from connecting to it? Help please? :/
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    Bungee is the proxy.... You have to block all outside logins but bungee.
  3. Thing is that my GM server is hosted in a different place. The bungee proxy works there. But the "PVP" one when i do /whois [player] it shows me that they are connected with their real IP. Not the bungee proxy.
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    Thats because spigot detects their real ip. Check bukkit.yml for the bungee proxies option.