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  2. Plugin is null when you execute the command 'test'. It is very helpfull if you know how to read stacktraces m8.
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    The plugin variable is null, not your countdown time.
  4. Ahh i see i will go and fix this and see if it works thx for the help :)
  5. Did you ever set your HashMap = to a new HashMap?
  6. Nope not yet still trying to just get the bases working.
  7. This is what i have for the plugin variable
    Main plugin;

    public CommandEvent(Main plugin){

    this.plugin = plugin;

    but why is it saying null ?
  8. Well that could cause a NPE.
  9. Did you ever instantiate the CommandEvent class?
  10. How do i do that ? sorry im a fairly new dev
  11. Before learning Bukkit, I recommend learning the basics of Java first. It will help you out greatly.

    But, instantiating a class, or object, is basically setting it's value.

    Here's an example:
    Code (Text):
    private MyObject myObjectName;

    System.out.println(myObjectName.toString()); // NPE, you never set myObjectName to anything.

    private MyObject myObjectName1 = new MyObject();

    System.out.println(myObjectName1.toString()); // Will work, because you gave it a value, or instantiated it.

    Hope this helped.
  12. Can someone help me with the error because i have tried almost every method that i know and it still doesnt work. The count down was working when i had this in 1 main class but idk how to add it to my plugin where it is multiple classes
  13. That's where learning Java before Bukkit comes in handy. ;)
  14. yea i know but this is a side hobbie for me but im slowly learning as i go forward with coding. This is the only thing that is not working or i would be finished with my plugin :(
  15. at me.dyenxunit.magnum.Main.Events.CommandEvent.onCommand(CommandEvent.java:58)
  16. This is whats on line 58 });
  17. Replace that with:
    Code (Text):
    int ticks = seconds * 20
    }, ticks);
  18. It might help if you were to paste your code in pastebin, so we can see that.
  19. can i send a private pm because i dont want to release my full class to everyone
  20. No one is going to steal your code if it isn't working.