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  1. Hi Everyone this is an open discussion about java versions.
    Which one do you use? Why do you think it's better? Which one is better for you to plugin (spigot) development or Minecraft mod development?
    What do you use on your PC? What do you use for your server?

    For me I'm stucked with Java8 and trying to study when not busy about java 9 and new Java versions.
    Tell freely your opinion!
  2. I personally use Java 15 for running programs and either 8/11 for development. I use Java 15, because, well it's the latest and I can update whenever I need to, so I don't have a reason to stay on a LTS. For development I use 8/11 because they're LTS and I don't want people to run non-LTS versions when they potentially can't update their Java version often.
  3. I use Java 11 because of the university and it has great features tbh but for me the best Java Version is still 8 ^^
  4. I want to stick with LTS, so currently using 11 and will most likely switch to 17 next year
  5. LTS is always the best version, even if you use some old standardized code chances are that the codegen is better in the newer versions.
  6. Latest stable version, always
  7. I run buildtools.jar on java11, i run spigot 1.16.4 jar on java11.
    when compiling plugins for myself (not doing that lot, im terrible) then i use java11
  8. Pretty much only Java 11 here, while I still compile my plugins with Java 8 support in mind, although I'll likely go full Java 11 (already did that for one plugin of mine) next year since I think the InputStream#getAllBytes() method is the best thing ever and I don't want to have a some inefficent code to get all the remaining bytes within a stream.

    If you are on Minecraft 1.13+ then using Java 11 instead of Java 8 is basically plug & play, Minecraft 1.8 as far as I know doesn't run at all under Java 11 (since Java 11 is newer than Minecraft 1.8). Modules are a nice Java 9+ feature but are not used much (can you even?) within the minecraft development community
  9. For mc plugins, 90% of servers run on 1.8

    For development purposes, just do the most recent
  10. Just support the latest LTS if you want to make public stuff, which currently is 11 I believe (8 has or should expire soon). For development, just take the latest (14 or 15 by now).
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  11. Java 8 will not retire anytime soon (well, sortof soon, but not that soon). According to oracle java 7 will stay supported until 2022 and java 8 until 2030. JavaFX (useless for us) will retire a bit sooner though.

    Fun fact: Java 11 will die 4 years before Java 8

    Edit: These numbers might be a bit misleading as these are the extended support dates; premier support for Java 8 is until 2022, until 2023 for Java 11.
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  12. As you mentioned, you're talking about extended support here. Unless you're a company with a few thousand bucks to spare, extended support won't help you with anything. Premiere support is what you're looking for. Java 8 loses that 2022 and Java 11 in 2023.