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  1. Hi Guys , this theme is about plugins who is removed from spigot. What is problem here. I cannot belive that i spent 40eur on 3 plugins who is removed now from spigot. Biggest problem is that I cannot refund that money, if I refund I will get banned :). What you think about this problem.

    P.S English isn't my strongest side
  2. There's nothing todo against this. I also spent some money in resources that got removed. I can just recommend you to download the newest updates of your resources and store them
  3. You paid for one version. You received what you paid for, future versions are nice, but unfortunately never guaranteed.
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  4. It's not problem if I paid for one version but that version is so bugged. For example first The Bridges who's removed from spigot , i cannot find any clear update in that plugin. UltimateBungee too
  5. If you paid for a bugged version it's your problem.
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  6. You pay for the version that is currently up. Even if that version doesn't work at all. That's why you should never buy a premium plugin which doesn't have a preview server.
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  7. 4chan


    Think of it sort of like Minecraft.

    You buy Minecraft but you're not guaranteed updates.

    It could vanish tomorrow. hehe eula probs will make that happen kek.

    Sucks but live with it.
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  8. I didn't knew that version is bugged omg....
  9. I get that, but that's why premium plugins have test servers. It sucks, but it's a fact of life.
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  10. Are you saying you wanted an older version?
  11. Based on UK law, it's not. All products sold should be as described and in working order. The consumer is not responsible for the quality of the product if it is below the advertised standard.

    OP, contact Spigot, who may allow you to charge back from the author (I'm recommending this as the OP claims the plugin was not up to standard). If you are allowed to, ensure you provide plenty of evidence in the PayPal resolution centre and hope you win.
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  12. I know I don't want updates , problem is that I bought bugged version , I haven't chance to check this plugin before purchasing.
  13. Your best chance of salvaging your money is by either getting someone to remake the plugin at a low price or for free.
    Although, I highly doubt someone will make these plugins for free.
  14. If you have some money @gyurix can help you out, hes a great coder