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  1. So, recently my plugin got denied because the plugin page contained a logo from another brand.

    Thats why I want an option to change your resource. Because I really spent quite a time on that GFX. and everything is GONE.

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    PM me with link to your resource and I will send you back the contents of the page.
  3. I can't really find the link.

    It has been denied (and I guess) removed. It was called MineFly
  4. This is why you backup your plugin page before you submit it..
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  5. How?
  6. You copy the page and store it somewhere..
  7. As a what? bbcode? Regular text?
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  8. Downloading the page itself?
  9. BBCode is fine. That's what I did.
    Don't double post, just use the edit button.
  10. I never do that, then the post says "Edited" and you could never know what I originally written
  11. Welp, maybe that'll teach you to actually save it.
  12. I'm talking about editing the post, not saving the plugin thread...
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    What? That's what the edit button exists for? So what if it says "Edited"?
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