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  1. Nothing is stable for me anymore, I have done millions of timings reports and everything jumps all over the place, I would really appreciate if any one can give me some information on what these timings mean.

    "Vio" - In the timings, their is something called "Vio" and it seems that a lot of things have a high percentage in, what is this, and is it an issue if the percentages for some events run high in this section?
    syncChunkLoad- was running at 100% in the "vio" area though it seems to bounce around quite often, what does this event mean, and what can I do to fix it? I was the only person on the server and the server restarted 5mins prior when I saw this.
    PlayerCommand, with little players PlayerCommand takes up 90% percent of the tick, how is this normal? What is the cause of it?

    I was also wondering if anyone was experiencing any issues with an event from Essentials called "Task: Single" this event causes the most lagg on my server, and I heard it is due to a large amount of player files. I do have a lot of files, but I cannot simply delete inactive ones and I simply cannot get rid of this plugin. Any other way I can solve this?
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    I'm pretty sure "Vio" means "Violation" although I'm not exactly sure what it records.
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    the essentials task single might be move events?