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  1. any one know how to stop ppl gaining access to the plugins with /about(space) then pressing tab.. as its listing all the plugins & giving all the plugin info ?
  2. uhm when i remember right there is also a option for disabling tab, but i think it was for disabling it for everything
  3. add the negative permission --bukkit.command.version to your default group.
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  4. Can someone explain my we you want to hide access to /pl?
  5. In my case: I don't want people to see what my server has at a glance, for it might invite exploitative behaviour. I also am not a big fan of people just straight up copying my plugin list and creating a copy server. They at least have to put some effort into it.
  6. even then there are other ways to find out which plugins are installed. i mean if i want to have a unique server then i create/buy plugins that only i have. it doesnt matter if someone uses the plugin list or not as they cannot find them anyway
  7. If anyone wants to copy me they'll have to put in effort to figure out how to do it. Of course, currently I have 60% custom plugins, so it's useless anyway. But it's not weird to wish to maintain a bit of secrecy about your plugins.
  8. I do not think it is weird i just think it is unnessary :D
  9. ChatControl also has an option to disable the <tab> key, even only allowing players to use <tab> for playernames. Taking away the default bukkit perms is also not a bad thing to do ;)