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Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Zindev, May 6, 2015.

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  1. Hello guys,I made a plugin named ZAO,a very big hunger games plugin.(About 61 Classes,if it is not big sorry for my ignorance)
    It has got lots of features,I spent my two months to make this plugin.
    I want to sell this plugin on spigot premium,but when i click to the Premium,'add resource' button disappears.
    -I made over 20 posts.
    -I post a free resource.
    -I registered 1 months ago.

    #For making posts:
    I just entered some threads and write some posts.You can say me 'farmer' but i used my own opinios in my posts.

    So,Would you help me ?
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  2. joehot200


    You only have 13 posts.
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  3. Mods deleted some of my posts.

    And now i can put premium plugins,thx anyway.
    (You need to wait atleast one hour,when you do all of the objectives)
  4. If mods deleted them it's probably because you were posting useless posts to farm up to 20 posts. They don't delete most of a users posts for no reason. IF thats the case, they probably won't approve your premium resource even if the forum software allows you to create it. This is because 20 posts is not an "objective," it's a limit put in place to ensure people selling stuff on here didn't join JUST to sell stuff on here, but also contribute to the community in some way. Same with the 1 free resource requirement.
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  5. Well pal,I am coding a plugin for two gigantic months.It was like hell and i came here to sell my plugin coz my customer doesnt have enough money.

    You can be sure that splitting Strings in Turkish language is harder than English.And now i have to convert all of this splits to English again.

    I got full of stress right know,dont be rude to me.
    And i am sure they will accept my plugin.
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  6. You don't need to use that font. The only one who is rude is you. Your posts have obviously not contributed to the Spigot community hence they were deleted. Don't be such a douche if you want to sell your plugin here. No one cares about how much stress you've been through. That's life.
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  7. You know they are putting these alternative font things for people.
    So that means i can use it,you can use it too.
    I know it is not important to you,but it is important to me.
    So if you got problems with my font,No one cares it.That's life.
  8. I wasn't trying to be rude, but rather telling you how it is.
  9. I know,I just want to finish this job ,If i made you feel bad,you can be sure i am sorry.
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  10. Some people....
  11. Stop post farming and reviving old threads.
    Lock Thread?
  12. Cldfire

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    Thread locked.
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