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  1. Hello everybody,

    what is meant with the view-distance in server.properties and spigot.yml?

    The view-distance is about how far the players can see. As example, if they set their chunks to 16, and the server has a limited view-distance, then they can't view 16 chunks far.

    or B
    The view-distance is about the chunks which are loaded around the players. It isn't about how far they can see, it's just about the loaded chunks around them. As example that the animals and monsters are moving, and the plants grows.

    What's the right one? Or is there another one which is right?
    It is just a simple question I think - I hope you know the answer, thanks! :)
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  5. Taken from the wiki:

    Default: 10
    Type: Integer
    Description: Controls the amount of chunks that will be loaded around every player. This value cannot be higher than 15 or lower than 1. Lowering this can lower the load on servers if you have a large amount of players online.
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  7. So it isn't about the chunk viewdistance right?
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    Are both correct.

    The chunks outside the view distance are not sent to the player. This means that (unless there is another player loading those chunks) the chunks are not processed in any way, shape, or form. This means that the chunks are not sent to the client, and entities in them are not ticked. If the chunks are not sent to the client, then the client cannot render them, hence also limiting the view distance.
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  9. Thanks :)