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  1. People who have used them; please give me some reviews about ExtraVM :) It gives me more motivation to create my server. :)

    First time im using a smaller company. I always used MCPH ;x
  2. Psychz-Jimmy


    Mike is great guy, can't go wrong with him.
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  3. Owned by @MikeA, I've never heard anything bad about them. Should have a good experience with him.
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  4. Yes, he already helped me with Some things. He responses really fast at your tickets. Within 3 mins. @MikeA is a really good guy. Everyone who is reading this; stop at your current host company, and go with ExtraVM.
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  5. Best hosting company I've ever used in about 3-5 years of owning minecraft servers. Better than any shared host and at an competitive price. I moved from a dedicated server to extravms shared hosting and get 0 lag.
  6. Great host! You should totally buy from them! Great host owned by a great guy. He even helped me transfer a 36GB server from my old host!!
  7. I like how you yourself own hosting company and your actually giving other hosting company good reviews. Other then saying bad stuff about them. Anyway your a good person :)
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  8. MikeA

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    We do different types of service, plus I use Psychz in Dallas (which is what most of my sites are on). Jimmy is a nice amigo.
  9. I like you too! :p company these days don't like giving good reviews for others. But unlike you two you guys do :)
  10. Also even though we're competitors (and I'm a brand new one), hosts should not make wars with each other. Only kidhosts has the habbit of flaming one another, to no good.

    I cannot vouch for ExtraVM since I was never a customer, but I can vouch for Mike as he seems to be a pretty competent guy in what he's doing.
  11. You'll be glad you did.