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    [1.2] Frame-By-Frame Animations!

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  2. This is rll cool, but I have like 22 menus in deluxemenus is there a way to just transfer them w/ a cmd? Because I'm not gonna take the time to re-make all of these menus lol
  3. Hello. No, we did not provide for the ability to convert menus from other plugins. Nevertheless, the menus are built very quickly, thanks to a simple format
  4. So when it comes to variables. Is it possible to setup variables to be asked for in the chat before running a command?

    If I want to use a menubutton for teleport for instance, could I make it so you klick the teleport button and the chat asks you like who you want to teleport, and then who or where to teleport that one to?
  5. Hello! I think this will have to use an additional plugin. AbstractMenus is able to send Json messages, but this will not help for your task. You can setup a prepared locations and send it via json message, but not players.