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  1. Hi,
    I've been working on a server for the past year or so, and recently I have been experiencing servers going into a random state of AnnotatedConnectExceptions, with no errors in each server's log file. My setup is as follows

    Bungee on port 25565,
    15 or so Spigot servers on ports going up (Running on a dedicated server)

    *all* plugins across servers including bungee have been coded by me, and it is also happening on servers that are running outdated versions of such plugins, so I am lead to believe it may be a bungee/proxy thing?
    Each server runs on to prevent external connections like the Bungee glitch, and most of the time the servers work fine.

    There is no apparent reason when the servers go into this "state", it seems rather random.
  2. Same problem here. Please help!