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  1. I would like to offer players some aesthetic features, but im scared of scams and chargebacks. Is there a thingy that only let frequent players buy some stuff? Like someone who spent at least 20 hours in game. Thanks!
  2. Solution if you are using PayPal
    BuyCraft has a pretty good anti-chargeback system. You can ban players from the server if they chargeback. Don't be afraid of chargebacks.
    Also, all a chargeback does is get you money back. Lots of people think there is a $20 fee for the seller; but PayPal won't charge you the see unless you want them to help you win the chargeback.
    The only reason why people will chargeback is because you scammed them. If you haven't done anything, they shouldn't chargeback. Sometimes providing the Terms and Conditions will help.
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  3. Sorry to say but what you said is total bs. Many things can happen, including parents initiating refunds. I've had a kid do 12 payments, then his mom went to bank and charged back all payments. Even tho I have won 9 out of 12 cases, paypal has charged $20 fee for every payment. I've lost more money with paypal ridiculous fees than the amount itself by far.

    I suggest that you control how many purchases user can make, because you never know who might chargeback, and how. If its over PayPal, you can win dispute easely, and even if you lose, theres no extra fees. However when they go to the bank, you will most likely lose and on top of each payment get $20 fee. Only time I've won bank disputes was when dispute reason was "other" instead of unathorised.
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  4. Sorry for the B.S., I am not very experienced with chargebacks and disputes myself. Not sure why I decided to reply in the first place.
  5. i still have no idea how to do a chargeback lol
  6. I have seen so many users donate and then charge back even if they dont get scammed, users do that just to get free stuff