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Discussion in 'Systems Administration' started by Leniency, Jul 14, 2016.

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  1. I have a VPS running Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.13.0-79-generic x86_64). Currently, the only way I can access it is through PuTTY. I was wondering if it was possible to connect to it as a desktop, and if it is, how would I do it?
  2. Huh? If it's Ubuntu server, it doesn't have a desktop and is just the CLI.
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  3. You would have to install a gui fpr your server then install xrdp and you can connect thorugh windows remote desktop to your linux server and use the desktop environment to control your server. Still don;t understand why you can;t just use ssh though
  4. Thanks for telling me this! I'm new to the whole VPS stuff.
  5. I am trying to install skype onto my VPS so that I can use a plugin which can use the java skype api.
  6. okay hmm
  7. Whatever this Java Skype API is, use it directly. You cannot install Skype on Ubuntu server. As Sweepyoface said, all you have is a CLI. Don't be intimidated by this though, it's a great opportunity to learn more about the power of the command line. But you definitely don't need to install Skype to use this plugin, you just need to get this Java Skype API into your classpath.
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    sadly thats how the skype api works, it can't make connections to skypes servers, it can only control the client. thats why you need to have the client installed.

    edit: found this guide on how to run the client on ubuntu server
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  10. Wow that is pretty sad ahah. I guess Skype was never meant to be used for this kind of thing, to be fair. Good on you for finding a guide, though.
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    well, by now they should have a good api, there is really no excuse anymore.
    I am not sure (i don't use skype) but I think with the addition of skype4web they rolled out a new api that you _should_ be able to access without having a client.
  12. Use lxde as desktop UI and xrdp for RDP connection to your VPS.
  13. There indeed is a new api with skype4web out and I am trying to use that. However, I still face some issues.
  14. Why not just use Skype Web? @samczsun wrote a Java wrapper for it. If you absolutely need an GUI, you should use a X11 virtual display.
  16. You can install Skype on Ubuntu based machines. It looks gross, but it works. Plus, just recently they just introduced their new Skype client for Ubuntu. It uses the 'web' type UI but it's Skype.
  17. A decent part of the problem here, though, is that they only have SSH access to the VPS so it'd be complicating things to use a GUI client just for this use.

    Could you try adding more logging statements at various points in your code? Also instead of using e.printStackTrace(), you want to use the logger, that is: logger.error("My error message", e); This way you can get more details as to what is stopping the server.
  18. To answer the original question, Ubuntu gives you this option by default. You can choose to install the graphical user interface of your choice such as Gnome, KDE, xfce, etc.
    for ubuntu server (any version), this can be accomplished using these commands for the most recent ubuntu default GUI :

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop

    then you can configure it using the CLI (putty) to be accessible via the supported remote desktop program of your choosing.
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