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  1. So, I made a cool, but accidental animation.
    Hopefully cool enough for Spigot :Kappa:


    e1-e4 are optional for the long lines coming at the sides.

    It has a meaning.
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  2. It has a meaning. It resembles the meaning of life.

    It starts out with 8 people. Your family.
    Each person becomes friends with only 1 other.
    They all split apart.
    They collide on 2 opposite sides of the world.
    They have small talk.
    They leave, and never see each other again.

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  3. This is what my reading tests are like.
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  4. Have a follow and the whole cookie jar, my good man.
    Actually, damn the cookie jar. Have the factory.
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  5. Random post turns into 6 winners. 10/10 :D
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