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    You may have your SpigotMC account removed by requesting us to do so through either:
    • A report against your own account via the report system on these forums (preferred)
    • A request to the email address [email protected] from the email associated with your account
    If you are simply concerned about removing your profile, please consider altering your privacy restrictions instead:

    Note that we will remove resources if requested, however we will not blanket remove posts or threads associated with your account. This is because these do not constitute personal information.

    In requesting us to remove your account, you acknowledge:
    1. You have no additional SpigotMC accounts.
    2. In accordance with our terms of service, you will not create any further accounts on SpigotMC.
    3. Your account cannot be restored.
    4. All requests will be handled in line with our privacy policy.
    Note that an account will not be deleted unless:
    1. You have disabled two factor authentication on the account
    2. (If applicable) you have removed the avatar from your account
    3. You acknowledge in your request points 1-4 above.
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