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  1. So I'm trying to make a login system, but I have a small problem to check if the player that entered the server is original or cracked, the checks I'm trying to do is:

    Hypothesis 1: Original player enters & is authenticated with a mojang = enter normally.
    Hypothesis 2: Player cracked enter with the nick of a player orignal = will be kikado
    Hypothesis 3: Player cracked enters nick that does not exist = will have to register.

    Please code

    PS. I already tested the method of checking with the wetting server used haspaid but only returns if the nick exists in the Mojang database.

    PS 2. leave the server onlineMode = True and check if the PlayerJoinEvent is allowed or not also does not work.
  2. Choco


    If you're incapable of doing the simplest and most sane option, then why are you here asking for help? We do not support offline servers. Do what the rest of offline servers use and check out AuthMe

    Uh, no?
  3. We're not going to give you code.
    This is not a resource, unmark it as such
  4. Thanks, I was not sure how the forum works I'm new here.
  5. I want to make a game so that players who already have an original Game account do not register by using AuthMe or other Registry plugins.
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    But... why have an offline server? There's no reason to support anyone who doesn't have an account that was purchased from Mojang
  7. I "support" because not everyone has the conditions to buy this game. Especially in my country that has a lot of taxes on the games, but of course I am not in favor of piracy so to speak but I wish everyone could play at least so I have interest in off-line servers