Accounting software with Buycraft

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Is Buycraft good enough for accounting?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I'm trying to set up some accounting software to keep propper track of stuff I sold and bought for my server. Obviously I'll be using Buycraft.

    Should I get any external accounting software (that hooks into Buycraft) or is Buycraft itself good enough? I've always used Enjin, I have never used Buycraft in production.

  2. I think the dashboard and graphs are good Enough by its self, I'm not sure how you would hook into buycraft unless you use their new API they announced last week.
  3. It supports webhooks. It's not only about graphs and dashboards I need, but mainly invoices and stuff, and I have no idea if Buycraft supports those (exporting invoices to pdf for example, including tax 'n shit?)
  4. Umm... PayPal already has built in invoices and taxes, just enable them.
  5. Yes, but im looking for a propper way to administrate those. A system in which I can push sales (from buycraft) and costs we made.
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