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  1. If colors is all you want to change, then use manager.setFormat to change what colors are used for <c1><c2><c3>
  2. Thank you, what color for Usage? 1?
  3. You can specify as many colors as you want, each index maps to the <C#>

    Default text is <c1>

    The color themes are by "message type". Syntax has its own message type, so .setFormat(MessageType.SYNTAX, 1, ChatColor.BLUE); would make the primary color of syntax messages blue instead of yellow.
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  4. Oh right, so colour 1 (syntax) is yellow by default?

  5. I recently added it so you can use Player instead of OnlinePlayer, if you add @Flags("other")

    Also added a flag to it to default to self if null, so:

    Code (Text):
    @Flags("other,defaultself") @Optional Player target
    will let you do the common style of "/foo <target>" where "/foo" w/o a target hits self.
  6. Conditions have been deployed, will try to document tomorrow


    can put @Conditions("creative") on class or method, or @Conditions("serverowned") on any Residence parameter

    Commit Message:

    please suggest (and hopefully PR) ideas for some default conditions to provide to register in BukkitCommandManager

    And pssst:
    If ACF, Timings, or any of my development libraries have helped you, please consider donating as a thank you.
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  7. Did some work on ACF tonight cleaning up issues.

    1) Really looking for someone with JUnit experience to help with unit testing, see
    2) Added @CatchAll as a replacement to @UnknownHandler
    - UnknownHandler won't be removed for a while, just marked Deprecated. Just do a find and replace all UnknownHandler with CatchAll and you are done
    3) Added BaseCommand.setContextFlags to allow you to set the value of @Flags on every parameter in the classs/children classes, see

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