Resource (ACF - BETA) Annotation Command Framework

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  1. is it really hurting that badly lol?
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    I mean, it would hurt me too to be reminded that I run a 1.8 server in 2019 :ROFLMAO:
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  3. Idm it being there it just fucks with the format of my startup message. I just wanted to be able to change the color
  4. lots of ACF updates tonight.

    - @Default methods now can consume other parameters, a long standing issue thats finally been resolved!
    - @private can now be put on the class or even super class to mark all commands private (doesnt show in tab complete)
    - Per Joo, CatchUnknown can now be in a different class than Default handlers
    - All of the "OnlinePlayer" contexts have been semi-moved to a platform specific package, such as co.aikar.commands.bukkit.context.OnlinePlayer. This was so that you can use multiple ACF modules in the same jar without each ACF domains OnlinePlayer clashing with each other. A deprecated alias is left in the old position to maintain backwards compat, but you should update your import to the new preferred home, especially if you have multiple ACF types in same project. OnlineProxiedPlayer was renamed to OnlinePlayer for consistency for Bungee.

    @Splodgebox I removed that version log line
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  5. Hey i want my plugin to load the messages for acf from an database...
    Is there any way to insert locates per with you using an FileConfiguration?
  6. Is there a way to change the automatically generated syntax format (and colors) that displays in game when someone types in a command incorrectly?
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    Is there a way to have command arguments be positioned between subcommands?

    For example, a command like this:
    Code (Text):
    /foo <parameter> bar
    where bar is a subcommand.

    I've only been able to figure out how to add arguments after all the subcommands, which is quite restricting.
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  9. MiniDigger


    @gzx feature requests go onto github. in fact, there is already a request for your case
    as this is a rather complex feature and aikar is rather busy nowadays, I don't see that request moving forward rather soon, unless somebody steps up and creates a PR (maybe you? :))
  10. Looking to swap over to using ACF - is there any way to make commands that are just /basecommand? I find any option that doesn't involve aliasing a subcommand. I guess I can just make a catch-all base, but it feels a bit silly.

    Edit: Looks like you can use @Default or the alias "__default".
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