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  1. Hi i have a very big problem in my Server/Network
    Bots attacks..
    i'v solved it 75%
    The problem with them is the achievment unlocking so i can't stop them ever
    is there any way to stop the achievment messages ? or a better way to stop the bots ?
    they are a proxy bots so i can't ban-ip them....
    i'v anti bots plugins

    any better plugins ??

  2. maldahleh

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    Is the achievement message necessary? You could disable it
  3. i want to disable them but i don't know how : P
    i'm using 1.7
  4. Tux


    You can disable them in
  5. maldahleh

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    Make announce-player-achievements false in your, like so: announce-player-achievements=false
  6. is there a better plugin to stop them ?
    or remove them from the tap ?
  7. maldahleh

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    Are they moving? If not, your best bet would be to find or have a plugin made that kicks players if they don't move within 5 seconds of login.
  8. they login & after 5s maybe they log out from the server
    i just want to stop them, they are to strong
  9. You can use URIEnforcer to block them from connecting directly via IP. Also, You could adjust the server throttle so it will drop connections if the bots are re/joining too quickly. I know the plugin MaxBans has a ip range banning capability which could cut the amount of bots significantly vs. plain ip banning. If you install MaxBans you can use the lockdown command. Which prevents new players without the bypass permission from joining. Kind of like a whitelist. It also has a dns blacklist feature for verifying players aren't using proxies.
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