Bungee - Spigot ACNotify | Anti Cheat notification plugin! | BUNGEE/SPIGOT | 1.7 - 1.16.4 Build 7

Lightweight and customizable Spigot/BungeeCord notify plugin for the anti cheats.

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    Spartan Notify | Bukkit - Bungee | 1.7 - 1.12 - Notify plugin for 'Spartan Advanced Anti Cheat' plugin.

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  2. Spartan has already notifications, warns and allert messages...
    Why this?
  3. Yes but;
    1 - Spartan hasn't bungeecord support (with this plugin if you want you can send every server verbose messages)
    2 - For example you want to give perm your moderator to see verbose messages. Your moderator must to use '/spartan notifications verbose' command everytime. With this plugin your moderator don't need to use command everytime.
  4. Faut t-il obligatoirement Spartan Advanced Anti Cheat pour utilisé Spartan Notify ?
  5. As far as I understand no. If you use bungeecord and if you want to see players violations in every server. You can use Spartan Notify.
  6. TheCynicalKitty

    TheCynicalKitty Previously ChrisIsHD

    Could i get some help configuring this bud ?
  7. What are the variables, like <ping> etc.
    Also my <tps> variable doesn't show correctly in game, it just shows as <tps> and not the current server TPS.
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    Build 5 - RECODED

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  9. It is a good idea, but I have a problem, I added the plugin in bungee + spigot with the add permissions, but it does not send any notifications (acnotify hooked matrix) (build 6)
  10. Can you try without BungeeCord?
  11. Issue fixed, try Build 7.
  12. if i put the plugin in my bungeecord server it doesnt even make a folder with the config file it does nothing.

    19:04:44 [INFO] Enabled plugin ACNotify version Build 7 by HKNGLGN

    but as seen above it does say the plugin is loaded in the bungeecord. it runs the latest version of bungeecord.
    on my paper servers it does generate a config
  13. There is no configuration in BungeeCord. You should take a look at spigot part.