Spigot ActionBarAPI | [1.8-1.12] 0.0.2

An API that allows you to display messages over the hotbar

  1. Phloxz submitted a new resource:

    ActionBarAPI [1.8-1.11] - An API that allows you to display messages over the hotbar

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  2. Hi Phloxz, wanted to ask you this: Did you know that there is already a plugin under the same name? Look over here. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/actionbarapi-1-8-1-12.1315/
    I had a few errors with your plugin, and sorry, i can't recall, you have to believe me if i say that i did not put effort in it, because i went searching for the other...
  3. There are several Plugins under the same Name, but that doesn't matter. If you received any error, than you haven't loaded the correct informations that is beeing required to send / receive an game info ( action bar )
    You can always also contact me in a private conversation at every time and i will reply as fast as possible with a solution for you.
  4. Thanks for replying, but i used ConnorLinfoot's action bar API before and that am i doing now still.

    Unless you think there is a significant advantage i will give it a try, but as i am now not experiencing errors (wel actually i do, but not from that plugin :)) i think i will keep this plugin in place....